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A happy, healthy community is one that we want to be a part of, and to help it grow and flourish! Part of our mission as a company is to provide the Greater Mankato community with locally-sourced, nutritious food that tastes amazing. To accomplish this, we are constantly in search of new partners to showcase in our store on Belgrade Ave. who share a similar vision and create high-quality, delicious products. There is no better way to help your community grow than to work together and support one another’s success!

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A big inspiration for our owners, the Phillips Family, is the farm-to-table movement. As owners of a Minnesota organic vegetable farm, Blue Skye Farm, they are very familiar with the high-quality produce that our local farms generate, and want to make this produce easily available to everyone in the Blue Skye family.

Farm-to-table is so much more than how food gets from one place to another… as Rutgers University puts it, farm-to-table is “a food system in which food production, processing, distribution, and consumption are integrated to enhance the environmental, economic, social and nutritional health of a particular place” (Upserve). This integration of social impacts is why we love this movement, and why it is an integral force behind many decisions that we make.

Our hope is to inspire our community to support local businesses of all different kinds – not just gourmet food retailers or restaurants. This hope is shared by many; in fact, the trend for consumers requesting and seeking out local food is on the rise: “[Consumers are] even willing to pay a little more for the confidence that their food purchases help to create jobs and promote local economies; safeguard the environment, protect groundwater and preserve American farmland; and support proper animal treatment (Business Insider). By supporting local companies who source their products locally, you are doing a great service to your entire community!

community, gourmet food, mankato food, mankato shopping, southern mn gourmet shop, gourmet shop, local food, shop small mankato

When you come into our shop, you will see many local and small companies featured on our shelves, and countless sources of inspiration for your next at-home gourmet meal. Our staff is ready to steer you in the right direction based on the meal you want to cook, the event you are attending, and/or the flavors you love. Stop by soon to see for yourself what we are all about, and you can always find flavor inspiration when you shop our olive oil and balsamic vinegar collections online!

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