The Gourmet Difference

The experience at our gourmet food store is special; the products are unique, the staff members are eager to help you discover something new, and you can form new, meaningful connections with your community through our products. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

All of this considered, we still get asked why people choose to spend more for our products when they can buy the same type of thing at the larger grocery stores for a lower price. The answer is found in these three things: quality, connection, commitment.

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We dedicate a lot of time to ensuring the quality of every product we sell in our store. We know that our customers expect superior products when they shop at Blue Skye Mercantile, so that is what we consistently deliver. We always listen to our customers about the options they would like available when they visit our store or shop online.


We love to make connections every day with our customers and our community. We feature several local companies in our store and are always eager to share their story with our customers in order to create a deeper connection to the food and products they purchase here. We truly believe that the growth of our community is essential to our growth as well.


It is incredibly important to us to provide our community with healthy, locally-sourced ingredients and meals. Our commitment is constantly growing and evolving with the new connections we form with food providers, bakers, and chefs in our community. These connections are the inspiration behind our new, ready-to-eat product lines available in our store.  Our in-store food items range from fresh salads, flavorful soups, and handmade baked treats. Everything is created with real, whole ingredients that you can feel great about eating and serving to your family!

With these three differences in mind, we hope to have helped you understand that a gourmet food store experience and the products offered are much different than those you get at the large chain grocery stores. We strive to create an experience that you cannot find anywhere else, and that will keep you coming back, even just to say hello!

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